Escandinavo Black Metal de Los Angeles

Ock alla skall vi dö

The passion of the U.S. metal community known as the Satanic Hispanics is legendary. Yet their stories have never been told, and their dedication has never really been celebrated. If you have ever attended a Black Metal show in LA, San Francisco or Oakland you know exactly what kind of passion, energy and realness the hispanic metal community brings to the scene. Or as Mille Petrozza, frontman of German thrash legends Kreator once put it: "If it wasn't for the Mexican fans, the Satanic Hispanics, the metal world in America would be very boring."

Founded by Scandinavian immigrants in Los Angeles - HORN L.A. is the embodiment of the will to put some Noir back into the City of Angels. To bring Norse darkness to sunny California. But also with a purpose. To empower the U.S. metal community that has embraced Scandinavian Black Metal and Death Metal for decades. Brothers and sisters who travel from Santa Cruz to Oakland to see a Black Metal band. Who show up in numbers to support and endorse bands from the other side of the planet. Who know the true meaning, the true spirit of metal. We salute you.

Behind HORN L.A. you find a number of individuals from Scandinavian bands that have frequently toured in the U.S. and American musicians who have toured in Europe. (Plus a few other individuals from Oakland, Mexico City and Los Angeles who just happened to look good in corpse paint.) You might have met us on tour. In the US, in Mexico or in Europe. Or you might not have heard of us. It doesn't matter. We extend a left hand black to join us on this journey from day zero. Let there be Black.

Deja que haya Black

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